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        Where does one get the "code" for TestFlight users to enter when they press the Redeem button in the TestFlight app?

        I assume it's somewhere in my iTunes connect?


        For certain users (younger family friends), they are using their parent's AppleId (email) and don't otherwise read/access that email on the device in question - so I'd rather just give them the code, but I don't know where I'm suppose to get it from!




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          I'm replying to my own thread here in case anyone else is searching for the answer to this.  I feel rather silly, but still thought it would be best to share the konwledge:


          You get the TestFlight code by clicking on the "Start Testing" button in the email, even if you're reading the email on a different device than the device with TestFlight installed.  Clicking the button opens up a new webpage (at least that's what it did on my desktop) with simple instructions on installing TestFlight, including the Redeem code.


          So now I know - next time I should be slightly more adventurous I guess....



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            How do I get an email code. My email is austin.army08@live.com

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              We had a terrible time with the Redeem Code issue. I'm not 100% certain what finally fixed the issue for us, but this info helped us get past it for a couple of testers:

              1) Make sure the role of the person is set to DEVELOPER only

              2) Read the invitation on a PC, not an iPhone

              3) Get the Redeem code in the email you are reading on a PC. It will be an 8 character alpha string,something like ACBDFEHJ


              ** If you need a new email sent, but do not see the "Resend Invitation" link, we had to delete the User/Email entirely from the Roles section and then recreate the user - again having the user look for the email on a PC to get the Code

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                  My external beta testers are having issues with the redemption code as well. Apparently it shows when the email is first opened on iphone, but then later they can not retrieve it. I am testing my app with some prospective customers and I got them ****** off already . Need to forward this to some support person at Apple to get this fixed.

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                      I found walkaround for this issue:


                      1. Tell you tester to uninstall both TestFlight and your app from his/her device.
                      2. Go to your iTunes Connect account and delete this tester from TestFlight tester's list.
                      3. Add it back again. It will re-send the invitation
                      4. Now tell him/her to open the new invitation and click "View in TestFlight" button. It will open the web page with redeem code. Tell them to save this code (for example, take the screenshot of this screen)
                      5. Click the link to install TestFlight. After they insall and open TestFlight it will say "Tester Removed". It's OK.
                      6. Now click REDEEM button and enter the new redeem code that you just saved. After that everythig should go smoothly.


                      Hope it helps.

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