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        I figure this one has been seen before, but not finding the information, so I will just get to it.


        Application A, upon startup, downloads the latest configuration information for an application. So I envision that this would be a simple text or XML file that is in a fixed location. The data could be used to modify labels shown on app buttons; update help files; or could be actual content (e.g., words to a song). Irrespective, no reason for the user to type in dropbox credentials, etc.


        My questions are as follows:

        1. Does this type of data need to be stored on a separate server (e.g., HostMonster @ a fixed IP) and then is accessed by doing some sort of HTML call to that location?
        2. Can the "startup configuration file" be placed on Apple servers, eliminating the need for a separate hosting service (not to mention that the Apple servers are not outright blocked like dropbox is in China).
        3. Another use case could be that the user types a code and accesses the data (not necessarily an in-app purchase). Maybe this type of thing would be handled through the in-app purchase mechanism - could the data be housed on Apple servers?


        Any guidance or direction appreciated.