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        How would I be able to test the 2017 deadline of App Transport Security in my app? I previously had used in my plist ATS Security Settings > NSAllowsArbitraryLoads. Is it enough to remove that key or set it to NO? Will that simulate the effect of the January 1 cut off?

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          Will that simulate the effect of the January 1 cut off?

          To be clear, the upcoming change is related to App Review, not to the OS itself.  iOS 10 already includes all the upcoming ATS-related changes (modulo some bug fixes that are in the current 10.2 seed).  For more context on this, see my App Transport Security pinned post.

          At the technical level, the best ATS exception dictionary is the empty ATS exception dictionary.  I recommend you remove NSAppTransportSecurity entirely from your Info.plist and see what breaks in your app.  From there, you can add back in the specific exceptions you need.  That will give you some idea as to the scope of the problem.

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