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        Hi, I hope someone can help me find an answer to this problem. I filed a bug report to apple but they have not responded to my report yet. Please see the details below. If you have any questions regarding the problem, please feel free to post.


        Summary: I created a test project (attached), and simply added the following code in touchUpAtPoint:

        SKTextureAtlas* atlas = [SKTextureAtlas atlasNamed:@"GlobalMap"];

        [atlas preloadWithCompletionHandler:^{



        I looked at instruments and it shows memory leaks whenever this method is called. It crashes eventually. I discovered this leak because in my ongoing game project, I preload several of my atlases at the beginning of the game. It started crashing when I updated my code to XCODE 8.0 and my iPhone to IOS 10.0


        Steps to Reproduce:

        1) Install the app in an iPhone

        2) Run the app

        3) touch the screen several times

        4) monitor memory allocation and leaks


        Expected Results: you will see memory leaks in instruments and memory allocation increases until the app crashes

        Actual Results: I saw the expected results

        Version: iOS 10.0.2

        Configuration: iPhone 6