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        I'm using xcode 8 on OSX 10.11.6, and I'm working on a project for iOS from 9 to 10, developed in Swift 3.


        Since I upgraded to xcode 8, I don't get any warnings nor errors printed out to the console.

        It's very annoing since layout constraints doesn't appear and even worse, I don't get any details nor backtrace from exceptions.

        I tried on the simulator and a real device but none of them work.


        I tried on an other computer and it seems to works as expected.


        Maybe I'm missing some xcode configuration but I tried almost every option.


        Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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          Does the problem reproduce if you create a new test project?

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            Seeing same problem on Sierra 10.12 using Xcode7.3.1 or Xcode8.0. Seem's to be Sierra related. If you restart your computer it seem's to work. When it fails it always seem's to fail at the same point. I've also noticed menus goes missing such as Search, just disappears, and you have to restart Xcode to get it back. Also New File Menu : Cocoa Touch Class has all messed up Menus.