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        If I create a new sticker, and if it uses a name previously used (eg Sticker Sequence-1), it plays the old sticker animation, not the new one.

        I have tried cleaning the project and quitting out of the simulator, but no matter what I do, it plays the first version of a sticker that used the same name. It is quite frustrating because each time I create a new sticker to test, I have to give it a new name, like: "Sticker Sequence-1!", then "Sticker Sequence-1!!", then "Sticker Sequence-1!!!" etc.


        Obviously they will be named to something that describes the sticker, but I have been creating the same sticker over and over again to get things perfect. So, for my "Wow" sticker, I have to give it a unique name every attempt - and I see no way to go back from Wow-23 to Wow without it playing the first (outdated) version of Wow.


        Has anyone else experienced this issue? Anyway better solutions?