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        I'm building a SpriteKit app and now i have a problem with the SKTransitions


        First, i built the whole app on one ViewController, but i notices fast that this isn't a good solution (it's my first app).


        So i made a MenuViewController and a GameViewController, but when i outsourced


                let scene = GameScene(size: view.bounds.size)
                let skView = view as! SKView
                skView.ignoresSiblingOrder = true
                scene.scaleMode = .resizeFill
                scene.delegate = self


        from MenuViewController (MainViewController) to GameViewController I had the problem that the Transition from GameScene to GameOverScene (another SKScene) didn't work. It's strange because i only changed the ViewController and i didn't do anything else on the Code.


        I hope you can help me (if you need any other information, please let me know.)






        I found out that the problem should be in the transition, because if i delete the transition (view?.presentScene(nextScene as! SKScene)) everything works fine.


        Here's the code of the Transition:

        func revealGameOverScreen() {
                let nextScene: AnyObject!
                let direction: SKTransitionDirection!
                if secondsOfLife > highScore {
                    nextScene = GameHighScoreScene(size: self.size, scoreOfLife: secondsOfLife)
                    direction = SKTransitionDirection.down
                    highScore = secondsOfLife
                } else {
                    nextScene = GameOverScene(size: self.size, scoreOfLife: secondsOfLife)
                    direction = SKTransitionDirection.up
                let reveal = SKTransition.push(with: direction, duration: 2)
                view?.presentScene(nextScene as! SKScene, transition: reveal)


        //Edit 2


        Someone else had exaclty the same problem with iOS 9:


        It's difficult for me to make a workarround, because it's a SKTransition.push (and it's really important for the game).

        I can't delete the ViewControllers because i use an advertising framework and GameCenter (It wasn't possible for me to use these in a SKScene).

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          Maybe rewrite it slightly ? You probably don't need nextScene to start as AnyObject!


          if let nextScene = GameScene(fileNamed: "NextScene") {
                          nextScene.scaleMode = .aspectFill
                          self.view?.presentScene(nextScene, transition: reveal )


          You can setup your transition variable outside of that block or within it. And the fileNamed: property could be a variable of course. Might help.

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            Same problem working with iOS 11, xcode 10.1 and swift 4.2!