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        On the 20th I installed the final release version of macOS Sierra, the normal customer version, from the App store.  Then last night my MBP updated on its own without ever asking me, from the release version to a new Beta version.  That is so wrong and has me a bit upset as well.  As an extra little twist it of course tells me in the summary AFTER it installed, that I can't go back.  Gee thanks.


        Why the heck is my MBP autoupdating from a release version to betas and is there any way for me to go back and make it stop?  I don't want to be in the beta.

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          Ok well turns out there is a setting in the App Store preferences that controls this, and I had it enabled.  I don't recall ever enabling it.  I didn't even know the setting was there, but I have to assume either I did or that manually installing the developer beta automatically enabled it.


          Funny though that throughout the entire developer beta my machine never once auto updated to the next beta.  Yet after installing the public release *then* it decides to auto update