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        s0 = [SKAction playSoundFileNamed:@"JJF0A3007.caf" waitForCompletion:YES];



        I am loading several sounds into instance variables to be used in a rapid fire situation. I want the entire file to play. It worked in iOS 9 but iOS 10 some (not all) of the sounds are getting cut short and I am wondering why?


        According to the documentation the function is supposed to be used for short sounds (all of these sounds are about a second in length)


        In the log, it says: SKAction: Error playing sound resource


        What is also odd about this is that the game is similar to simon says with numbers and recites the numbers using the same iVar's (obj-c) before the user does.

        When the user touches a tile, it creates a few sequence items and sandwiches the actions in between two blocks.

        It's not the greatest structure but up until now it has worked.


        working example is on the app store ( free download) its called japanese tiles