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        Hi all,


        I use the below code to get a value from a recordset in sqlite:


        let colSQL0 = sqlite3_column_text(compiledStatement, 0) 
        let value = String(cString: UnsafePointer<CChar>(colSQL0!))


        that is working fine, but now in Swift 3 appears the following error getting the value:


        error: 'init' is unavailable: use 'withMemoryRebound(to:capacity:_)' to temporarily


        any suggestion? thank you in advance...

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,945 points)

          You just need to delete the UnsafePointer creation.

          let value = String(cString: colSQL0!)

          Two points:

          • You can no longer convert from pointers of one type to pointers of another type directly.  This is fallout from SE-0107 UnsafeRawPointer API, which puts Swift’s type aliasing rules on a firm footing.

          • In this case that’s not a problem because, as a special case, Swift 3 support constructing a String from a C string using either signed or unsigned characters

          Specifically, there are two constructors:

          public init(cString: UnsafePointer<CChar>)
          public init(cString: UnsafePointer<UInt8>)

          and, as noted in the comments, the second “is identical to init(cString: UnsafePointer<CChar>) but operates on an unsigned sequence of bytes.”

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