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        I've received at least 5 reports of people not being able to to tap on iMessage app thumbnails. When I asked if same thing happens with Words with Friends app, they said yes. So it's a system issue, the only thing that helped them was to hard reset the device... Please fix it in the next update!!!

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          So I just had this problem. My own device sending ANY iMessage message would cause the recipient to get an image and not an iMessage. So when they tapped the MSMessage Layout image - it would bring up the image viewer.


          I was sending to two different people and they were experiencing the same problem but they had both just upgraded to iOS in the last hour, so we thought that was the problem. I ended up testing by sending a message from another device and that worked fine on their device.


          I rebooted my device after removing a sysdiagnose profile and the beta profile. And then it worked.


          Hopefully this can help your users if it's related.