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        Once a year, just five thousand Apple developers get to go to WWDC, they get their hands on news, engineers and presentations. They even meet other developers.


        Those of us who cannot attend (or cannot afford to attend) miss-out.  It's not anyone's fault. There is no practical way to run a physical conference could ever meet that incredible level of demand.


        But perhaps there is an opportinity to create a world-wide, 24-7 / 365-days-a-year - developer conference by electronic means? This WWDF service would be a the centre of documentation, eductation, WWDC videos, source code examples, Q&As, self-help. - And even perhaps a dash of social network?


        Currently, those looking for solutions on Apple platforms might get better , faster results on Stack Overflow, or Ray Wenderlich than on the current Apple forum.


        I am not sure what exact form this would take. But sites like Quora might be a good model. They combine question-and-answer databases, with user editing. They distingush between true answers and comments-on-answers. It's quite easy to link to external or internal content. And there is a notification system which means you can immediately see if your question has been answered, or if someone is asking for clarification.  The attached app push-notifies me when there's something new.


        In trying to write for iOS, I often know there is a solution out there. I know for a fact that somewhere in the bottom of this enormous lego box, is a piece that solves my problem. But I end-up spending more of my time looking for the piece than working on my project.  If we had a better electronic forum we might be more productive, or simply make better stuff.