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        Since I updated to beta 5 most of my applications are hanging and not responding when opened. Even finder is not responding and it even failed to relaunch, so now there's nothing on the desktop. When I try to restart, it fails it's left hanging. The only solution is to force it to shut down. Anyone else seeing unresponsive applications? Can't even use feedback assistant. What a mess Apple. I have a MacBook Pro 2014. My computer should not be this slow. Skip this update if you haven't updated yet

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          ChrispyT2 Level 2 Level 2 (25 points)

          What's weird though is my startup time is faster than ever.

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            Is spotlight currently indexing for you? When I initially installed the beta my macbook was for the most part unusable until spotlight finished indexing, and afterwards everything went back to normal. Currently on beta 5 as well and am not experiencing any slowdowns (Macbook Pro 2012).

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                Well i installed it on Monday and I'm pretty sure it did index without any issues. But today i experienced finder and application issues. Activity monitor said photoanalysisd was taking up to 140% of the CPU. Photos agent was also using significant energy. I'm guessing that could have been the issue. Now after force restarting, everything seems to be running good now.

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                I have had no issues with Beta 5.


                iMac 27" i7 Mid-2011.

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                  On Beta 5 (10.12 Beta (16A286a)) since release and in the beginning I had a few issues with CalendarAgent eating up CPU.

                  Also Calendar and Mail died with an Uncaught Exception several times. I tracked it down to the network. When I disconnect from the network (WIFI or Cable), in most cases I can force CalendarAgent to thrown an exception, Calendar or Mail to die.


                  Calendar seem to have some issues and I reported a few exceptions to the Dev @ 1 Infinite Loop.


                  Other than this, Beta 5 looks very solid.


                  As far as apps are concerned, only Scan to Evernote (ScanSnap Manager) fails by simply not putting the scanned filed into Evernote's inbox.



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                    Assuming your issue is really due to the re-analysys of the photos faces - which by the way, is reported on the Release notes - I can share my experience.


                    On my MBP I do not have photos. Or I do, but it's just about 3k photos shared between my iPhone and iCloud. I tend do take the photos out of the device, but it seems I've been busy and it has already accumulated 3k of them. Being an SSD, maybe there was some reindexing, but nothing I have noticed. In other words, on the MBP I haven't noticed any degradation at all.


                    But then I have a Mac mini 2011 bumped to 16GB and a replaced hybrid 1TB internal disk, plus an external 2TB WD for media, and the **** thing has been burning for days and days, as I have there my entire media collection - 60K photos taken not only with iPhones (from the original one to the 6S), but in particular the CR2 RAW files taken with the Canon DSLR.


                    The photoanalysisd only kick in when Photos is closed, and only when the system is idle. If the process is already running and you start doing something, it will try to finish the tasks its doing, and then ends, but this can take some seconds or even minutes. In my case I do see the process stopping after a while, and coming back after I stop using it.


                    No my biggest problem there is that with 60K photos, with a hybrid disk, with the photos on the external disk, and with Photos not capable of handling so many photos, it's typical to see swap files of up to 20GB. Now the second problem is that sometimes it's indeed the photoanalisysd, but siince beta5 it seems to be a sub-process from iTunes. I also have about 30K songs (iTunes Match), and iTunes is always running on the Mac mini (so iPhones can be plugged in to it and be charged and synched and backedup automatically, plus the Apple TV can access the media). In other words, the memory usage is from a iTunesMedia process, but it only grows up the memory usage when left idle for a while, which is consistent with the photosanalysysd process being running.


                    And it only grows to 20GB of swap because I still have, the internal 1TB disk split as 64GB for the OS and the rest for the data, for legacy reasons, and mainly for TimeMachine simplification - so it backups the OS but not the huge Music and Photos library. So when the swap hits the 20GB, there is only about 3 to 5GB free, and the system may stop increasing the swap space.

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                      My apps are fine but if I try to access any file on one of my external disks via Finder, it almost immediately causes finder to hang, spinning wheel.  Re-launching finder gets everything back... but I cant access darn disk.  I can do anything with it via terminal though.