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        Is there a way to manage a global state in the SafariExtensionHandler


        I try to enable the toolbar button of my Safari extension only if certain conditions fit on the current webpage.


        Therefor I try to use the

        override func validateToolbarItem(in window: SFSafariWindow, validationHandler: ((Bool, String) -> Void))

        function which is documented for this usage.


        In this function I send a message to the active page like this and store the validationHandler in a property of the SafariExtensionHandler

        window.getActiveTab(completionHandler: {
                        $0?.getActivePage(completionHandler: {
                            page in
                            page?.dispatchMessageToScript(withName: "shouldBeOn", userInfo: nil)


        And then I handle this message in my injected script which checks for my condition there.

        The scripts then sends back message wether it fullfills the condition or not.


        Depending on this I try to call the validationHandler with true or false.


        My problem is that the stored validationHandler vanishes (or the message pass call from the script creates a new instance of the SafariExtensionHandler). Seems like there is new way to do the validation depending on something related to the injected script which makes no sense for me?


        Am I missing something or is this a bug?