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        Can someone please help me with a some conversion from swift2 to swift3? Here is the code in swift2 and would like this functioning in swift3:

        return CGSizeMake(view.frame.width, 80)
        layout.headerReferenceSize = CGSizeMake(view.frame.width, 50)
        return CGSizeMake(view.frame.width, size.height + 16) to swift3.


        And then I have this bit of code that is coming with the error, "Missing argument for parameter 'format' in call"

        override func setupViews() { addSubview(titleLabel) addSubview(contentSnippetTextView) addSubview(dividerView) addConstraintsWithFormat("H:|-8-[v0]-8-|", views: titleLabel) addConstraintsWithFormat("H:|-3-[v0]-3-|", views: contentSnippetTextView) addConstraintsWithFormat("H:|-8-[v0]|", views: dividerView) addConstraintsWithFormat("V:|-8-[v0(20)]-8-[v1][v2(0.5)]|", views: titleLabel, contentSnippetTextView, dividerView) }


        Thanks in advance!