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        I would like to add copy (Command + C) functionality to my NSTableView for a row (or multiple rows) that the user has selected.


        I've tried adding in the NSTableViewController the following things with no luck, the copy function (Command + C) always appears greyed out in the menu:



            override func copy() -> AnyObject {

                print("TEST: copytriggered") /*Here i would copy to clipboard the selected rows*/

                return true




        Conforming to NSCopying, implementing copyWithZone...



        Trying 1 and 2 in the window controller and app delegate.



        Adding func tableView(_ tableView: NSTableView, pasteboardWriterForRow row: Int) -> NSPasteboardWriting? in the TableView data source.


        I have no clue what to do at this point, any help appreciated.





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          You are confusing the Copy edit action method with the methods for making a duplicate of an object.  The NSCopying protocol and the copyWithZone() method are for the latter, enabling an object to create a copy of itself.  Likewise, the copy() method is just a convenience cover method for copyWithZone().


          The action method for the Copy edit menu item is subtly different.  It's "func copy(_ sender: AnyObject?)".  That's the general form for all action methods, taking a sender argument and not returning anything.  You need to implement that method.


          Finally, tableView(_:pasteboardWriterForRow:) is generally only used for drag-and-drop, when the user drags a row.