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        last iOS 10 Beta, macOS Sierra (16A254g)




        so i have a simple TableView and my ImageView connected ,this loads my images from my object list,each object has a property of image,grab the Image and dispatch the queue after finish and refresh the Tableview.So i have extend the UIImage Class to round the ImageView,UILabel Class too.It works great...but in iOS10 sometimes the imageView is a square also some Labels are not rounded an habe no border the extend for .but only sometimes,no reproduce...



        here my ext. and assignment



        for UILabel



        extension UILabel {



        func roundLabel() - > UILabel {



        self.layer.cornerRadius = 8

        self.layer.masksToBounds = true

        self.clipsToBounds = true

        self.layer.borderColor = UIColor.black().cgColor

        self.layer.borderWidth = 0.2



        return self













        and assign with my outlet before iOS10 with






        but there is an issue from Xcode 8 only

        "result of roundLabel() is unused"



        But some Labels are rounded and take the extension.



        for my UIIMageView extension



        extension UIImageView {



        func roundImage() - > UIImageView {



        self.layer.cornerRadius = self.frame.size.width / 2

        self.layer.masksToBounds = true

        self.clipsToBounds = true

        self.layer.borderWidth = 0.8



        return self











        and assign my UIImageView the same as the label.



        the effect is sometimes are 1 or 2 items in my Tableview (from order order List) 2 of them are rounded an the last is a square instead my round Image.



        sometimes pick 6 items from my List and all items are rounded

        sometimes 1 item and this is not rounded.Sometimes all rounded,sometimes all not rounded.



        The same procedure not in my TableView Row,on my other Screen simple UIIMageView the same,to exclude this is a bug from TableView delegate calls item count in row.







        This problem is probably in Xcode 8 Beta 2/3 and iOS10.

        it's not reproduce on iOS 9.3.x


        here is my short video...