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        App Thinning in Xcode, describes that, we can just use asset catalog to organize the artwork, and AppStore will do the asset slicing for us.

        In my universal app, I don't put all the version of artworks.

        for example, in some asset catalogs, I just put the @2x universal artwork but do not put the @3x sizes otherwise the app bundle size will really bloat up.

        In this situation, how will App thinning work ?


        Also I cannot slice these images as they are photos, but in order to get a thumbnail size on some screens, I resize the image to a fixed size using UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions/UIGraphicsEndImageContext


        What I'm seeing is that in the debug version of the app, the resized assets appear correctly sized on all devices. however, on the appstore app, the assets appear bigger than expected. Almost twice as big.


        Alo the deployment target is iOS 7.0 while base SDK is iOS 9