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        I'm trying to script a sandboxed app (which I wrote) from another sandboxed app using ScriptingBridge. I have access groups set up in the target app's sdef, and entitlements configured in the scripting app's sandbox entitlements. However, when I try to send Apple Events to the target (using ScriptingBridge), I see "warning: failed to get scripting definition from ~/<snip>/MyApp.app; it may not be scriptable." logged in the console (the path to the target app is correct).


        I've been able to reproduce the problem with a lightly modified version of the Sketch sample code app and a very simple test app that uses scripting bridge. I added <access-group identifier="com.apple.CocoaExamples.Sketch.Draw" access="rw"/> to many elements in Sketch.sdef, as well as turned on sandboxing for Sketch.


        Then, in my test app, I turned on sandboxing with the following entitlements:


        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
        <plist version="1.0">


        The app does the following:


        #import "ViewController.h"
        #import "Sketch.h"
        @implementation ViewController
        - (IBAction)draw:(id)sender {
            SketchApplication *sketch = [SBApplication applicationWithBundleIdentifier:@"com.apple.CocoaExamples.Sketch"];
            if (![sketch isKindOfClass:[NSClassFromString(@"SketchApplication") class]]) {
                NSLog(@"Unable to get SketchApplication for Sketch");


        Upon the call to -applicationWithBundleIdentifier:, the "warning: failed to get scripting definition" message is logged, and the object returned is an instance of SBApplication rather than a SketchApplication.


        If I turn off sandboxing in the test app, the error is not logged, and -applicationWithBundleIdentifier: returns a SketchApplication as expected.


        Am I missing something beyond defining access groups in the target's sdef and adding the com.apple.security.scripting-targets entitlement? Does this work for anyone?


        I've uploaded the test app and my modified Sketch projects here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cdml9n5npu8o2m3/SandboxScriptTest.zip?dl=0

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          I had this exact problem, but luckily, I found a solution!


          It seems that sandboxd will deny access send Apple Events if the scripting-target is not signed for distribution. So, in your case when trying to use entitlements for com.apple.CocoaExamples.Sketch.Draw it failed because it was presumably signed with your Mac Developer certificate.


          I was afraid you were right about "sandbox to sandbox" not working, but then of course realized that Apple's apps are also sandboxed, and suspected it had to do with code signing.