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        Two years ago, I found that ommitting self (for instance variable access, func calls within scope, etc.) would lead to a higher strain on SourceKitService.  So, even though not required, I decided to explicitly use self everywhere.


        Once Swift 3 and Xcode 8 were available, I started to move my projects to Swift 3.  At first, I kept the explict usages of self.   At that time, I didn't notice any issues with SourceKitService.  Syntax highlighting worked extremely well and memory usage of SourceKitService hovered around 5 GB or less.


        This past week, I took a second pass at my projects and removed all usages of self that were not necessary.  I believe I'm now seeing slight slowdowns in syntax highlighting.  And, about three times now, I've had to quit Xcode to reclaim memory used by SourceKitService.  I have 32 GB of RAM and one day that process was using 31 GB (most of physical plus around 9 GB virtual).  Other times, it tended to climb up to 15+ GB.


        Has anyone else noticed high usage of RAM by SourceKitService and what may cause it?  Anyone out there still doing explicit calls to self as I was?  I'm trying to find patterns to what is going on.  Thank you.


        I have a snapshot of my projects with the explicit self, so will switch back to that for a while and monitor memory usage.