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        Using iOS 10 beta I want to capture a RAW and render it into a Metal texture.

        This is what I am currently doing and it takes about 500ms using an iPhone 6S, I was hoping it would be faster:


        // Create DNG from RAW
        NSData* imageData = [AVCapturePhotoOutput DNGPhotoDataRepresentationForRawSampleBuffer:stillBuffer previewPhotoSampleBuffer:nil];
        // Process DNG with no adjustments
        CIFilter* rawFilter = [CIFilter filterWithImageData:imageData options:@{ (NSString*)kCGImageSourceTypeIdentifierHint : @"com.adobe.raw-image" }];
        CIVector* nativesize = [rawFilter valueForKey:kCIOutputNativeSizeKey];
        CIImage* result = rawFilter.outputImage;
        // Create a Metal texture
        id<MTLDevice> device = MTLCreateSystemDefaultDevice();
        MTLTextureDescriptor* td = [MTLTextureDescriptor texture2DDescriptorWithPixelFormat:MTLPixelFormatRGBA16Unorm width:nativesize.X height:nativesize.Y mipmapped:NO];
        td.usage = MTLTextureUsageShaderWrite;
        id<MTLTexture> texture = [device newTextureWithDescriptor:td];
        // Render result into Metal texture
        CIContext* context = [CIContext contextWithMTLDevice:device options:@{ kCIContextWorkingFormat : [NSNumber numberWithInteger:kCIFormatRGBAh] }];
        [context render:result toMTLTexture:texture commandBuffer:nil bounds:(CGRect){ 0, 0, nativesize.Y, nativesize.X } colorSpace:CGColorSpaceCreateWithName( kCGColorSpaceLinearSRGB )];


        Is this the best way to do it?

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          thomas.pintaric Level 2 Level 2 (55 points)

          Use the following approach instead:


          CMSampleBufferRef rawSampleBuffer; // from your AVCapturePhotoCaptureDelegate callback
          NSDictionary* rawImageAttachments = (__bridge_transfer NSDictionary *)CMCopyDictionaryOfAttachments(kCFAllocatorDefault, rawSampleBuffer, kCMAttachmentMode_ShouldPropagate);
          CIContext* context = [CIContext contextWithMTLDevice:[...your device...]];
          id<MTLTexture> texture = [... initialize your textue... ]
          CIFilter* rawFilter = [CIFilter filterWithCVPixelBuffer:CMSampleBufferGetImageBuffer(rawSampleBuffer) properties:rawImageAttachments options:[... your options ...]];
          [context render:rawFilter.outputImage toMTLTexture:texture commandBuffer:[...] bounds:[...] colorSpace:[...]]