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        Two part talk


        iOS Notifications

        - Silent notifications

        - User Notifications

        - Actions

        - Text Input <- New


        Apple Push Notification Service





        iOS Notifications


        Silent notifications


        - Not user-facing, they're between the app and the server.

        - Enabled by default

        - Background App Refresh - User can turn off, don't rely on them.

        - Best effort at sending to device



        User Notifications


        - Notify the user of something

          - Appear in the banner, lock screen, pop-up, etc

        - Require user permission

        - Can be disabled



        • Remote user notifications
        • Local user notifications



        Remote user notifications


        - Sends from the server to your device over the internet



        Local notifications


        - Scheduled by the app directly on the device, internet and server not required



        Can be scheduled by:


        • Time
        • Location (geofencing)



        Interactive Notifications


        Allow user notifications to be interactive


        - The user can choose an option from the notification without launching the app or otherwise interrupting what the user was doing.


        Applies to both iOS and watchOS


        User Notifications text input in iOS 9:


        - An interactive notification can accept user text input and then take an action.

        - You can have more than one action, and also use multiple text input actions





        Apple Push Notification Service




        New Provider API



        Large Device Tokens coming in 2016


        • Device tokens today top out at 32 bytes
        • Growing up to 100 bytes in 2016



        New Provider API:


        Four primary features



        1. HTTP/2


        - Industry standard

        - Request-response

        - Multiplexed protocol - can send multiple requests in a single connection to a server

        - Binary


        2. Instant Feedback


        Watch video, missed details on this.



        3. Simplified Certificate Handling


        Previously had to deal with multiple certificates


        • Application push
        • VOIP push
        • Watch Complication Push
        • Dev and prod environments


        In iOS 9, you just need one certificate instead of multiple.


        4. Increasing push notification payload from 2KB to 4KB - part of the New Provider API