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        Hello or Iranqarahte-e in Ainu of Japan Aynu itah -itaq-k = language Those who use Japanese and Kotoeri there is a icon in the text menu in screen shot below.

        Ainu is written in Katakana アaイiヌnu イiタtaㇰk  = Aynu itah/itaq/k or Roman =Aynu itah -itaq-k when using this setting you press A, i ,n ,u , keys it will convert into Katakana some Japanese  prefer Katakana others prefer Roman the problem with Katakana it does not represent final letter and must use a special small letter or syllable kaカ , kiキ ,ku ク,ke ケ,ko コ. i イ is ok and ta タ,but final  ku ク is not ㇰk is used ,hence the conversion itah q are variations. that is the only support Apple has for Ainu.At present some Japanese and Ainu are trying to get J apanese I ndustrial S tandards to get it into the platforms then we need Apple i/OS/X dictionaries ,Siri, predictive writing text,Grammar spell checker Google translate,Google ermersion. there is a lot of Ainu ( mostly roman script ) written online mixed with Japanese ,this is mostly historical text and some blogs and dictionaries ( Ihave spent years researching books and online material )now we have an online dictionary http://ainutopic.ninjal.ac.jp/en/

        ,but does not work on iOS. The main problem is the various dialects, syntax ,words ,spelling, pronunciation and natives speakers of Ainu language , now only a handful of bi-lingual Japanese and Ainu native speakers,they are very old most thousands of Ainu speak Japanese as first language and some a little Ainu are a few , Some book dictionaries and text ,bible written by Batchelor a near native speaker 60 years. last century. with the argument  Apple may not support i/OS/X dictionaries ,Siri, predictive writing text,Grammar spell checker. Iaim to go further and like to have Ainu i/O S /X  bi-lingual interface or Help tags on icons emoji and text on menu ,we point our mouse pointer and a yellow help tag pops up and shows the word in the bi -lingual ( if it is icon only) language of our choice. all text can be linked to an Apple bi- directional dictionary Japanese ( with furigana ) Ainu ( sometimes Ido not know the criteria for Help tags ,some are obvious Reader Show reader !  some icons + do not have help tags and where is the explanation ? and you can make the cursur big and you can not see the tags! so is that a solution ? apart from computer terms Ainu does not have language terms , as well we need to translate the teaching of code into Ainu code to protect the Ainu langauge in the future Ainu needs to be written on computer and collected as raw data for making a Google translate and dictionary and teaching writing and then Siri or speech software to do dictation and some way to read all the written ainu on the web. the biggest challenge is the Ainu grammar for a software writer-


        Ainu itah /eywanqe an ro .   a simple sentence Let's use /speak Ainu !