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        I'm developing an App, which is required to communicate with the devices of Bluetooth V2.0, V3.0, or V4.0. The App is for iPad, and the communication is completed through the serial service of Bluetooth. We develop it with the Xcode V7.3.1 on the MacBook OS X EI Capitan V10.11.4.  There are many materials about the Bluetooth development for iOS, but lots of them are for CoreBluetooth.framework. I indeed tried to connect a device in hands through CoreBluetooth.framework, but it does not work. I have some basic questions about the CoreBluetooth and the Bluetooth-communication development.


        1. Suppose the iPad, on which our App runs, has the chip of Bluetooth V4.0 (Smart Ready), can the App establish the Bluetooth connection with the devices of Bluetooth V2.0 or V3.0 through CoreBluetooth.framework? and then communicate with them?


        2. If the answer of the 1st question is "No!", are there any other APIs available for the iOS App to communicate with the Bluetooth devices? If there are, what are they? Are they the ExternalAccessory.framework? Of course, we suppose that the Bluetooth devices are the MFi Bluetooth devices.


        3. Are there any other ways which allow the iOS App to communicate with the Bluetooth devices?


        Really appreciate your help!