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        Hi all,

        I'm testing a new app on my device and, today, I started integrating the StoreKit for In-App Purchases...


        The problem is that EVERY TIME I launch the app, it asks me for my sandbox account password. Here following, you'll find some details about the problem.


        1) The very first time I launched the app, everything worked as expected. No problems while completing the in-app purchase (with my sandbox user - let's call it testuser1@t.com -).

        2) Stopped the app, integrated a button "Restore purchases". Unfortunately, I forgot to add "finishTransaction" at completition (not sure if this could be the problem)

        3) From now on, every time I launch the app, it keeps asking me for testuser1@t.com's password.


        StoreKit starts doing it's stuff in a view which is NOT the rootView, so I excluded that I'm casting something wrong programmatically...


        So, what I did AFTER?

        1) Deleted app from device and reinstalled (after reboot)

        2) Deleted sandbox user (and created a new one - let's say testuser2@t.com -). I successfully used the NEW account in order to get a new IAP.

        3) Cleared settings on my device

        4) Deleted IAP from iTunes Connect


        The problem is still there. Keep in mind that the password asked is for testuser1@t.com (the very first test account!)