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        Hi All,


        My question pertains to uploading an MDM CSR via the Apple Developer Program to obtain an MDM certificate.  We have a .Net application that we use to create the MDM CSR (in the form of a text file).  When uploading the CSR, we now encouter the error "Invalid CSR -  Select a valid Signing Certificate request".  This used to work.  I have also tried creatying the CSR directly from with IIS, but the same error occurs.  Have the Apple requirements changed in the last few months?  Our wwdr certificate is current.


        I created the CSR from my Mac (.certSigningRequest) and this works without issue.  I compared the CSR's using Symatec's CSR checker.  The certificate information is identical (Signature algorithm, Key algorithm, Key size).


        Has anyone recently been able to upload a CSR created in IIS?  What has changed?


        Thanks in advance,


        Shawn S.