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        I've been working on a BLE PROFILE which is based on HID over GATT.

        its main ability is to send mouse notification reports, this works fine on android but

        doesnt work on IOS. it is as if the IOS is ignoring/blocking the sent reports.


        i would love some advice or direction twards the solution of my problem.

        thanks in advance!

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          Gualtier Malde Apple Staff Apple Staff (520 points)

          HID profiles are directly consumed by the system in iOS and not passed on to the apps.

          Apps cannot interact with HID devices directly, but only through system services. For example, data from a keyboard device will come to an app as keyed in data, not through Core Bluetooth.

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            You should know that HID mouse is not supoorted by iOS. I have no idea why Apple chose to remove the mouse from their operating system, but they did. As it stands, only Keyboard and Gamepads are recognized HID profiles. I have gotten the Keybaord to work, and the Gamepad connects but will not send any commands to the actual game. I suspect that I do not have MFi support, and therfore cannot use my Gamepad profile to play games. This is odd, however, since my Gamepad is a Bluetooth Low Energy device and should not require MFi certification.


            On a side note, I have used the Bluetooth Low Energy Keyboard and am able to play iCade games.