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        I worked a few years ago for one of the big dating companies.

        When they tried to publish their iOS Apps, one App for each dating niche, Apple review rejected all of them.

        Apple's reason was that one App should cover all dating niches.


        I can understand this logic reasoning in this. This is App Store Spamming.

        It crowds out keyword search results and categories.


        I'm currently publishing an App in a category which has over 1,300 other Apps under it's category keyword.

        I'm doing well in that category, no complaints there.

        One of my rivals has in excess of 60 Apps in that one category (and keyword).

        I offer the same functionality but with in-app purchases for customisation where my rival has a different App for each customisation.


        So I'm wondering if this policy of "one app that does all" per company rule is still enforced by Apple?

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          1.) There is no practical way for you to know someone else's keywords without intimate knowledge of their process

          2.) You don't say if there is any specific differentiation between those 60 referenced apps such as localization, accessibility, device support, etc.

          3.) Our dev agreement doesn't call for us to police anyone but ourselves

          4.) Asking about policy beyond 2.20 in the guidelines is a leading question, I think, that instead hints on your wanting to know if you should rat out other devs...


          You've managed to get your app in the store without feeling slimy about it, so I suspect you're just put off that someone appears to have gamed the system for a visibility advantage. Consider that if they need to do that to compete, you've already won. Apple will get around to dealing with them when the time comes.

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              To answer KMT:

              1) You don't know enough, as I've not outed the category or keyword, to comment on this. Suffice to say the keyword I allude to is obvious.

              2) I'll give a bit more detal then. It's graphics. Nothing else, maybe some additional text too. The kind of thing you'd purchase in-app in a game.

              3) & 4) I'm not planning to "rat out", the other dev as I think, long term, this would put my rival on a better path.

              Let me explain that reasoning.

              They have over 5 dozen Apps all using the same core software.

              As far as I can tell they don't add new features or enhancements often or at all and the reason is obvious.

              Having that many variations on an App doesn't scale well with on going development and support.

              If they were to collapse into one app they would have a much lower overhead and be as agile as I am.

              So really it's not in my long term interests to push them into doing the sensible thing and improve their product(s) functionality and appeal.


              I would like to see the App Store improve and this is one area I wanted to draw attention to.

              I could have gone straight to Apple with this for clarification, or to "rat out", but I didn't.

              Open discussion on this topic is of more interest to me.