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        I'm looking for some recommendations from others on which macbook pro to upgrade to.  My current machine is past its useful life and I'll be retiring it within the next 30 days.


        I'm looking for something that will handle the development IDE without the typical slow downs I see in my '12 model and will handle some video editing that I do on the side as well.


        I currently have the 512G drive and that would be sufficient, although I have heard that the 1TB drives are much much much faster than the 512's.


        Processor speed is where I'm a little off, I'm not sure if the extra money for moving from the 2.2 through 2.5 and up to the 2.8 is worth it.  It still seems like a lot for a minor up tick in processor ($300 to move from 2.2 to 2.8).


        I'd like to keep my cost under 2500 if possible but I know that's stretching it.


        I prefer the 15" over the 13 just for readability sake (getting old and eyes are not as good as they used to be).


        Any recommendations?????

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          I have nothing to say about specific models, but don't forget about the refurbished equipment lists that are linked from the Apple "store" web pages.

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            Anything 2014 or later will do, but as soon as someone with an MBP starts talking about readability, I wonder why they are even considering a laptop.


            If that is a primary concern, either invest in a larger second screen to move to a desktop...don't make yourself suffer with a crowded workspace, as it will make your work suffer as well.


            When buying again, be sure to max the physical ram (today's macs often come with it hardwired, so don't make the mistake of thinking you can up it later), and be sure to buy twice as much HD/SSD as you think you need, while also budgeting for a backup.