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        iOS 9.3 on iPad Air 2

        My app successfully obtains a reference to an enhanced quality voice (e.g. Daniel (Enhanced) for en-GB), but the speech produced when using this voice in the app is clearly not enhanced quality.


        The debugger shows:


        (lldb) po voice

        [AVSpeechSynthesisVoice 0x124df1210] Language: en-GB, Name: Daniel (Enhanced), Quality: Enhanced


        (lldb) po voice.identifier



        So my app is definitely using the correct voice. But the audio is not correct - it sounds low quality (probably it's the default version of the same voice).


        If I use the Speak Screen two-finger swipe in Safari using Daniel (Enhanced) as my default voice, I hear it as enhanced quality.

        But in my app, the voice quality is not the same.

        (My app has been working correctly for years on multiple versions of iOS so this is definitely an iOS 9.3 bug).

        Has anyone else seen this issue or have a workaround?