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        I just upgraded from XCode 7.2 to XCode 7.3.  I have a moderately large C++ project that used to take a few seconds to link.  With the new linker, the same project now takes multiple minutes to link.


        This only happens with our debug builds.  If I switch the compile flags from "-O0" to "-O2" (no other changes to any command-line arguments), linking goes back to its usual speed.  ("-O1" is just as slow as "-O0".)


        I ran the "Instruments" Time Profiler against "ld"; it's spending virtually all of its time in stack frames that start like this:


        ld (4948)

        Main Thread  0x3cd90



            ld::passes::dedup::doPass(Options const&, ld::Internal&)

             std::__1::unordered_map<ld::Atom const*, std::__1::vector<ld::Atom const*, std::__1::allocator<ld::Atom const*> >, ld::passes::dedup::atom_hashing, ld::passes::dedup::atom_equal, std::__1::allocator<std::__1::pair<ld::Atom const* const, std::__1::vector<ld::Atom const*, std::__1::allocator<ld::Atom const*> > > > >::operator[](ld::Atom const* const&)


        Does this look familiar to anyone?  Any suggestions?