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        I was so, so happy to download iOS 9.3 and see that the 350ms tap delay was gone! I immediately removed all my fastclick.js dependencies from 4 projects and added touch-action: manipulation to the body tag. Even popular sites like github, and the rest of the web are much, much more responsive and native-feeling out of the box! Awesome!


        However, I just tried running one of my web apps in safari fullscreen mode...and the delay was still there. Weird, I though, and deleted it from my home screen and added it again - still, no luck - the delay was still there.


        Does anyone have any idea as to why I could be experiencing this? I have many clients who I've showed how to add my web app to their home screen and use it. Its fully responsive, uses turbolinks to make it just as fast as an SPA, and I keep it from annoyingly exiting full screen mode with some javascript that intercepts link clicks and does a turbolinks visit instead. Even the fact that I have to do that is pretty annoying.


        I feel like iOS Safari full screen mode just continues to be a 2nd class citizen. Loading screens don't work either, the top bar finally obeyed the rule I set to be black again in the previous release...


        Dear Apple - People still use and depend on this feature!!! It makes it possible for small teams to develop responsive web apps!


        Can we get the tap delay removed there too please?