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        I am testing a new iOS app which has an in app purchase, and I am getting some unusual behavior when testing the app through Testflight.


        When the app is launched, I perform local receipt validation to determine if the in app purchase is in the receipt.  If no receipt, which seems to often be the case in testflight, I make an skreceiptrefresh request, as recommended in the receipt validation guide.  This results in a user prompt to enter app store credentials (even though signed in), which is annoying but acceptable. I then process the receipt when it returns in the requestDidFinish delegate method.


        However I am seeing some odd behavior which I believe is related.  I download and run the beta app via Testflight, and enter the app store credentials.  After this, I close the app.  If I then swipe over to the iOS search page, I am prompted to enter app store credentials, even though logged into the app store in the iOS settings.  This only happens once, but if I delete and reinstall the beta app, it will recur.


        Has anyone seen this behavior?  Is it a Testflight bug? Could this somehow be related to the skreceiptrefresh request?