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        Hi guys,


        I have succesfully implemented Replaykit, it works fine when i save the video to the library. But when i try to share the video from the library or from RPPreviewViewController to Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Youtube there is no more commentary sound. When i share it via email it works fine but if it is saved in the library the sound is missing too. When sharing on whatsapp from the RPPreviewViewController only the metadata is sent with no video.


        I tried the demobots app and it has the same issues. I am testing on an iphone 5s.


        The metadata will be generated once the app is published on the appstore, will the share issues be solved when it is published too?

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          Any luck sorting this one out?


          We have had problems similar to this that we cannot resolve.


          The audio is fine when recorded but then when you try to share the video on some platforms. i.e. facebook, vines etc sound disappears.


          Works fine on YouTube and Twitter etc.


          Further if you share with Messenger the audio sorts its self through this process and then you can share how ever you like.


          I suspect the format for recording has something weird about it.


          Any advice would be appreciated.

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            I think it's pretty clear that when posting to Facebook (and maybe others), audio is not being handled correctly.

            YouTube work as well as saving to local device.  But I've tried everything to make Facebook work.  I just installed the newest xCode 8.1 and iOS 10.11 and the problem still exists.


            If you save a video from ReplayKit to your device, it will play the audio from your Photos album.  But, if you then try to post that video to Facebook it won't work.  So, I'm guessing it has something to do with the way audio is saved to the final video that is incompatible with Facebook.



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                That's not good. I've just released the app and no commentary sound when shared on facebook.

                There is commentary when saved to Photos. I think facebook doesn't like a sound format when exported directly to it.

                I've send video via email and opened in Final Cut Pro. Sound is fine, both chanels are the same.

                Anybody tried to manipulate RPBroadcastMP4ClipHandler?

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                I found info that ReplayKit records audio as dual channel mono 22khz. Facebook probably accepts single channel hence you can hear app music but no commentary (mic input). When you send in Message that probably got converted to normal stereo or mono and sounds ok on Facebook.

                I'm not sure about this just trying to fix my app that relies on facebook sharing.

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                  I'm still getting this bug in March 2017. Has anyone found a workaround?

                  Anyone else having the issue please join us in posting a bug report here: https://bugreport.apple.com