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        In a nutshell, I start a workout session within my app when the user hits play and end it when he hits Stop or workout is complete.


        I got a few points/questions:

        1. Users reported that their watch went to the watch face even though a session was started and running with Resume To: Watch Face

        2. Users had to set Resume To: Previous Activity in order for the app to stay in foreground, then it didnt matter if a workout session was started or not

        3.  Is the workout session suppose to overwrite "Resume To:" if the setting is one Watch face?

        4. Workout session is NOT dismissed when the user hits the crown as per Apples documentation:


        5. Workout session is NOT dismissed when the view is dismissed using the back button on the top left as discussed here:

        WatchOS2 - Workout Session is not ended when View is dismissed


        6. What happens when you pause your workout, are you suppose to end your workout session and restart it when unpaused or just keep it running?