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        I've added a preset selector UI to my AU extension but when I select a preset from the extension UI (i.e. extension tries to set a preset itself) the host spits out the following in the logs and usually ends up freezing:


        AUv3Host[3718] <Warning>: <NSXPCConnection: 0x12e51e0d0> connection from pid 3719: Warning: Exception caught during decoding of received message, dropping incoming message.
          Exception: Exception while decoding argument 0 (#2 of invocation):
          <NSInvocation: 0x12e67d700>
          return value: {v} void
          target: {@} 0x0
          selector: {:} propertiesChanged:
          argument 2: {@} 0x0
          Exception: value for key 'NS.objects' was of unexpected class 'AUAudioUnitProperty'. Allowed classes are '{(


        I don't understand what this means exactly. It doens't make sense to me.


        If I select a preset from the host's UI everything works fine.


        The preset selector code simply tries to set the fullState property of the AU.


        Anyone has any ideas what's going on here?