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        I would like to initiate an App transfer for one of my Apps. When I click the "Transfer App" button I get a message telling me that one criteria is not met: “You must turn off TestFlight beta testing for the app that you want to transfer”. I turned off Testflight by checking the checkbox "Not Available for Testing" for Internal and External testers. Unfortunately I still get the same critertia not met message.

        After a google search I found out that I might have encountered this bug:




        Does anybody have a solution for this? Since the discussion was started already on Oct 2nd and there is still no real workaround/answer for it I am not sure if I didn't miss something else when turning off Testflight.


        Is there anything else to do besides setting Internal and External testing to "Not Available for Testing" or is this indeed a bug in iTunes Connect which hasn't been fixed for over 2 months now?