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        I know I am late to iCloud drive, but I need clarification on it. I have an app that can have thousands of files in the documents folder. Files are added constantly. Now, as far as I know, iCloud drive is yet another "hidden" folder that my app can copy to, which is then synced to iCloud Drive in the cloud. The problem is that if there are thousands of files and many of them are large, how I do I handle this situation? I know I can theoretically do anything I want with iCloud drive, but for example, if a user uses Open in... and now a 100 files are added, am I supposed to copy these files to iCloud drive and delete them from my documents folder?


        Or is the iCloud drive folder (ubiquity-container) just another place to store and download from - into the documents folder?

        I'm trying to figure out how to avoid having duplicate information stored on the iPad.


        1: If I just use iCloud drive like DropBox and upload and sync to it, I will have duplicates because I would copy any new downloaded files in my iCloud "drive" (which is really a folder on the iPad) and copy those files to the documents folder - now we have duplicates.


        2: Am I supposed to delete documents in the documents folder and just use the iCloud drive folder instead of the app document folder?


        Sorry.... confused about how this should be handled.