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        I'm having difficulty setting the summary format for my Swift classes.


        I have a class, "class Foo { var name: String }", and desire its "name" variable to be displayed when an instance is listed in Xcode's Variables View.


        I can get as far as right clicking an instance in the Variables View and selecting "Edit Summary Format...", but the correct format eludes me.

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          The Summary Format seems random.  For example, if you have a struct that has Int variables called "hour", "minute", "second", the following formats are invalid:



          %hour% %minute% %second%


          but this one is valid:




          but the output will be: "5':30':20"

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              Xcode’s summary formats are indeed a bit whacky, partly because they pre-date LLDB and thus don’t match LLDB’s type summary formats [1].

              As to why the Xcode is treating the colon character weirdly, it’s definitely related to the data formatting but I’m kinda hazy on the details.

              Regardless, to answer interim_descriptor’s original question, if you have a class like this:

              class Foo {
                  var name: String
                  … other stuff …

              you can use name as the summary with the format %name%:s.  Note the :s to format it as a string.

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