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        If I implement MKMapViewDelegate like so:


            func mapView(mapView: MKMapView, annotationView view: MKAnnotationView, calloutAccessoryControlTapped control: UIControl) {
                guard let item = view.annotation else { return }


        and then I try to look at item.title, it's showing as a String?? instead of a String? in Xcode 7.1.1


        If I control-click on annotation it says it's an MKAnnotation? like I'd expect.  Control-clicking on that shows title defined like so, which looks correct to me.  Is this a bug I need to report?


        optional public var title: String? { get }
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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,095 points)

          You end up with two levels of optionality because:

          • within the MKAnnotation protocol, the title property is optional

          • if that property is implemented, the value it returns is optional

          I’m not sure if there’s a nicer way to access title but the following seems to work:

          if let os = item.title, let s = os {

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