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        I posted a question yesterday and it is still awaiting moderation.


        Why do registered develeopers need moderation to ask a question? What happened to the old forums - was junk postings really that big of a problem?


        Why can't we post images like we used to? There is a video button but it is grayed out.

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          Don't hold your breath for moderation. Most common reason is a URL that doesn't fit the current mold. Remove: h t t p : / / (or bother to space it like I just did)...we'll figure it out.


          As for images, they don't trust us, I guess, as it seems some apple staffers can see them. Go figure.


          As for junk postings, maybe you've been lucky enough to miss the routine spam here.

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            This is a good question because many people posting here must find it frustrating not to be able to illustrate their problem or solution (or at the very least be wondering the same as you).  But the fact is that the forum software really lets users down when it comes to posting screenshots etc..  It makes it seem like you can, but actually you can't:


            • First off, as you point out, while writing your post there is a button for exactly that in the "advanced editor" but it still, after more than 5 months of these forums being live, it does nothing.


            • Even more confusing for people is that if they drag images into the post then they appear inline and even appear correctly formatted when the post is viewed as HTML but, once posted, all such images are stripped without warning.


            • Having been thwarted by the first two points, people will naturally upload their screenshots etc. to an image-hoster and then post the URL here instead.  This makes things worse though, because the forum software detects a link to a non-Apple domain in the post and automatically flags it for moderation - where it typically stays for many days.  To add insult to injury, the only indication of what happened is "Your post is being Moderated", causing many to wonder what they wrote that a moderator pulled their post - understandably some just give up at that point and seek help elsewhere.


            Hopefully people will see this and know that they're not "doing it wrong" - it's just the forum-software...



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                To make matters worse, I have now stripped all the URL's that were in the post (there was only one that was actually part os the code) and it still puts my post into the moderation queue.


                I guess the only way out of this is to open a source level help request. I hope that is helpful.