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        lately we noticed that 'diagnosticd' generates reports of our app into the LIbrary/DiagnosticReports folder


        but our app is neither crashing nor blocking the main-thread, just using CPU for a few minutes


        the reports start like this


        Event: cpu usage (microstackshots only)

        Thread: 0x3e6c (72% cpu over 125 seconds)

        Duration: 125.00s

        Steps: 128



        Event:           cpu usage (microstackshots only)

        Thread:          0x3e36d (61% cpu over 148 seconds)

        Duration:        148.00s

        Steps:           150


        followed by a stacktrace




        1.) why is 'diagnosticd' doing reports for apps that work fine and just use CPU.

        2.) how can we stop this from happening