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        Just updated to Xcode 7.1 and it's crashing so many times it's becoming impossible to work with.


        The crashes happen when in Interface Builder, and modifying anything's font (in my case to Custom -> Georgia 18 Bold).

        It happened so much even on a newly created pretty simple test project that has few Stack views containing one Label and one Button or Textfield, at first thought because of the Preview, which is now disabled.


        Is there any reason for the crashes or is it another Xcode 6.3 fiasco with the need to manually edit the project container?


        I don't think it's the machine/OS (a fairly new iMac Retina, 32Gig Apple Ram, pretty empty SSD and fresh install of both El-Capitan 10.11.1 and Xcode 7.1)

        The project is also a simple interface with nearly no code (at least no overrides or preview modifiers, just buttons linkink to "dismiss viewcontroller").