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        I'm trying to add TBM to an app that already had a few versions released on the App Store (including game center leaderboards).

        To get started, I first created a new test app on itunes connect and implemented all the basic methods I would need; everything was working smoothly. I then proceeded to integrate the framework on my live app. It sort of works, but it has a few issues. The most obvious ones:

        • receivedTurnEventForMatch never fires
        • Game Center notifications are never received

        Long story short: I went back to my test project, replaced the bundle id with the one from the live app, and this way it has exactly the same issues. Of course, Game Center is enabled on this app and leaderboards are working as expected.

        Any idea on what might be the issue? Is there any particular care to take when extending GC functionality to an existing app?

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          Okay an update, and possibly a different question.

          I've just tried turning off sandbox mode on my test GC account, and a badge has magically appeared on the app icon to notify an active turn (that's another issue I forgot to mention in the original message: no badges...).

          Now, I know I shouldn't use sandbox mode anymore, but on ios 8 and 7 I get the error "The requested operation could not be completed because this application is not recognized by Game Center" when attempting to authenticate with a live GC account. So, the badge is a good sign but I still cannot test the app properly.

          Is there anyhing I'm doing wrong?

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              UPDATE 2: alright, I give up.

              I created a brand new app id, tried it in all my test projects and it has exactly the same problems I mentioned in my first post: server communication errors, no notifications, etc.

              Anything I change in Xcode or itunes connect doesn't make any difference: one bundle id works perfectly, all the other ones sort of work but with the same issues.

              The only thing I can do for now is test my app update with the "golden" bundle id, hoping to somehow sort this out before release.


              Any suggestion would be really, really appreciated.