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        What is the best way to consent for genetic sequencing via an app that could be used by multiple institutions (IRBs) and projects? Use the app to explain the main points and check understanding? Then allow for a specific one pager for individual institutions? Or use a general consent and provide specific genetic information? Which is more likely to be accepted by IRBs?

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          This sounds like a multi-center study. For those, one could make the argument for a central IRB to review it and then make one consent process to cover them all.  That said, work with partners at each local institution where the investigators are to ensure that when you create the consent process it's robust and acceptable to the IRB at that institution (and at the very least known to the IRB locally!)

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              Big difference between genetic and genomic from a consent perspective. Presumably you mean genomic. Surely you could just take one of the reasonably good examples of written consent and app-ize it? To be honest, I think genomic consent for clinical purposes is always going to be best done in person, but if it's for an investigation that's not going to be reported to the patient in detail than perhaps an app. The stakes are much higher for genomic info than a pedometer etc.