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        My watchOS 2 app crashes about 75% of the time when it's first launched after being installed. If you run it a second or third time, everything loads fine - and it *always* works after it successfully loads the first time. The crash does not appear to generate any crash logs, but the messages in the Watch console say:

        (Error) WatchKit: <SPGizmoPlugInManager.m __59-[SPGizmoPlugInManager sendToPlugin:clientIdentifier:call:]_block_invoke:1172> after waiting for 1.0 secs, endUsing: callback for com.xxx.yyy.watchkitapp never fired. Giving up and hoping the next load attempt works

        (Error) WatchKit: <SPGizmoPlugInManager.m __59-[SPGizmoPlugInManager sendToPlugin:clientIdentifier:call:]_block_invoke:1164> plugin com.xxx.yyy.watchkitapp appears to be stuck loading. trying to force it to quit

        (Error) WatchKit: <SPGizmoPlugInManager.m __59-[SPGizmoPlugInManager sendToPlugin:clientIdentifier:call:]_block_invoke_2:1168> got plugInExited: callback for com.xxx.yyy.watchkitapp

        At first I thought it must be something in my code, so I commented out all the code in awakeWithContext and willActivate, but the crashes still happened. So then I thought maybe something got messed up in the watch app target's configuration, so I added a completely blank watchOS target - with no code in it whatsoever - and it still crashes when I try to load that.


        My TestFlight submission just got rejected for these crashes, so now I'm worried about my regular submission. I'm not really sure what I can do here since this seems to be a bug in watchOS, not anything to do with my code.


        Has anyone else run into this issue? Any thoughts on how to fix it?


        Edit: I just found this post with several developers who are experiencing the same issue. I think the problem is probably a lot more widespread, but because the crash only happens on first launch and it works fine after that, a lot of developers probably have no idea that it's even affecting their project.