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        ""I have an app that includes InApp purchases.


        I'm following the guidelines at:




        "On a development iOS device, sign out of the App Store in Settings. Then build and run your app from Xcode."


        "Use your app to make an in-app purchase. When prompted to sign in to the App Store, use your test account. Note that the text “[Environment: Sandbox]” appears as part of the prompt, indicating that you’re connected to the test environment."


        I have signed out the App Store in the Settings app on this device.  Then I run my new app from Xcode and attempt to make an InApp purchase.  The pop-up I get is titled "Apple ID Password" without any mention of [Environment: Sandbox]...  I have tried this on two different devices, and still don't see the sandbox text.


        Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


        We have tested and released the app several times before, and I remember the sandbox text appeared in the past...  Not sure what I'm missing here.


        (We even tried using one of our test users to sign-in without the sandbox text, but that didn't work.  Guess it's bricked that account so we'll need to create another test user...) 


        Thanks for suggestions