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        I apologize if this has been asked before, and I did do a search but couldn't find a fix for my exact problem.


        So for background, I have an app that is to be used for a small team of 3 people. Previously I had just used my developer credentials and released it via the old TestFlight app. But for the new version I'm going "legit" and using the company's Apple Enterprise account to sign it and will distrubute it on an intranet site. However I can't seem to build the thing.


        So I just got invited to the company's Enterprise account and I created a distribution profile and stuck it in XCode. When I build using it, I get:


        Failed to code sign "App name"

        No codesigning identities (i.e. certificate and private key pairs) that match the provisioning profile specified in your build settings ("Name of profile") were found.


        And of course Fix Issue does nothing.


        Looking through the build settings I notice in the provisioning profile list there is an IOSTeam Provisioning Profile for my app as well. When I use this one, I'm able to build an archive. However when I export and Save for Enterprise Deployment I get:


        Your account already has a valid iOS Distribution certificate

        You have a valid iOS Distribution certificate in the Member Center, but it is not installed locally. If your signing identity is installed on another Mac, you can export a developer profile on that Mac and import it on this Mac. You can also revoke your current certificate and request a new one.


        Any ideas? I always seem to stumble when it comes to provisioning but usually I can get past it. This time I seem stuck!