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        I recently added support for Time Travel in my complications and everything is working as expected, but the complications are always animating instead of just when the group identifier changes.

        For example I'm using a ring template with some text and I don't want to have the complication animate when just the text changes. Therefore I'm using the same identifier for all timeline entries when only the text changes.


        But this isn't working correctly.

        Is this a known problem with watchOS 2 beta 5? Or is it just the Simulator? I couldn't test it on an actual device yet.


        I'm specifying CLKComplicationTimelineAnimationBehaviorGrouped as the animation behavior for all complications:

        - (void)getTimelineAnimationBehaviorForComplication:(CLKComplication *)complication withHandler:(void(^)(CLKComplicationTimelineAnimationBehavior behavior))handler

        And this is how I create the timeline entries for Time Travel using the same identifier, of course:

        CLKComplicationTimelineEntry *timelineEntry = [CLKComplicationTimelineEntry entryWithDate:entryDate complicationTemplate:template timelineAnimationGroup:animationGroupIdentifier];


        Excerpt from the documentation:

        Animations between groups. During Time Travel, ClockKit
        creates animations when transitioning between entries
        with different group identifiers. For entries with identical group
        identifiers, the new entry is displayed without animations.




        It's also not working correctly on a device.