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        is there any way to select which input channels shall be mapped to the output with a AVAudioMixerNode?

        I have a inputNode with 4 channels and want to use 2 specific channel from it within my processing chain.

        To get an idea it looks like this:

        var mixer = AVAudioMixerNode()
        var inputFormat = audioEngine.inputNode.inputFormat(forBus: 0) // This one has 4 channels
        var outputFormat = AVAudioFormat(commonFormat: inputFormat.commonFormat, sampleRate: inputFormat.sampleRate, 
        channels: 2, interleaved: inputFormat.isInterleaved)!
        audioEngine.connect(inputNode, mixer, inputFormat)
        audioEngine.connect(mixer, someOtherNode, outputFormat)

        Basically this works as expected but I have no choice about the channel mapping from input to output.

        The mixer automatically maps channel 0 and 1 from the four input channels to the two output channels.

        How I can I tell the mixer that it should map channel 2 and 3 to the output channels?

        I tried to set  mixer.auAudioUnit.channelMap to [2, 3] but it did not affect anything.

        mixer.auAudioUnit.channelMap is always nil.


        Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!